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I am definitely a proud receiver of this crazy but awesome module. Thank you for giving me your attention as I bring you through the progress I have made.

Take a look at this Flippingbook that shows the development of my online professional profile! (Click on the image below!)


In the image below, I have done a comparison of the difference in my online activities from the start to the end of the module.


Here are some key takeaways for my future online behaviour from the Topics discussed in the module.

Topic 1: Digital “Visitors” and “Residents”

With the progression of this module, I certainly feel that I am moving away from being more of a visitor to a resident instead! This module introduced plenty of tools like Twitter, WordPress and content producers like Powtoon that are available for me to build my online presence. I am and will certainly be spending more time on the Internet building my identity.

Topic 2: Having More than One Online Identity

The choice of having multiple online identities is really subjective to different people and both have its pros and cons. While some cyber crimes like identity theft are unavoidable, what I can do is to ensure all my digital footprints are clean. After all everyone is made up of many different sides, as long as I stay true to myself, all the pieces will add up to be an authentic me.

Topic 3: Developing an Authentic Online Professional Profile

This topic really emphasised that I NEED to start building one! I keep talking about belonging to the digital generation but I have yet to create a proper digital profile for myself. I do not want to lose out to my competitors in the hiring process, especially when my area of study is on digital marketing. Maintaining a professional online profile takes a lot of consistency and hard work so I will definitely not rush into it but slowly build a strong and credible one instead.

Topic 4: Ethical Issues related to the use of Social Media

Controversies like the Justine Sacco saga reminds me that as a Marketer, I must not commit unethical behaviour even in times of desperation. These behaviours mislead consumers and take advantage of their trust. As web users, we have the responsibility to practice proper social media and good online etiquettes.

Topic 5: Content Producers – Making content freely available online.

As a receiver of free content I definitely agree and hope for many content to stay free. However, as a content producer, I believe it is situational and dependent on what my goals are. Do I want to attract more traffic to my work? Or is my content the source of my livelihood? Ultimately, everyone has to respect the creators and credit them whenever their content is used.

To end of, here is a video of my reflection and my plans for the future! (Tour around Singapore with me too!)


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