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Topic 1 Reflection.jpgSomething is wrong if I am still unable to explain the concept behind Digital “visitors” and “residents” after reading all the articles and blog posts on it. Lucky for me, everyone did a real good job explaining and giving their insights, I hope my post was able to do the same for them!

The gist of this topic is that it is about time we migrated from Prensky’s “Digital Immigrants” and “Digital Natives” framework to White’s ‘Visitors and Residents’ Model, as mentioned by Klarissa. Like myself, many of my peers (80% of the posts I have read!) are unable to decide if they are a “visitor” or a “resident”. They did however give very interesting examples for each of them. Jia Jiun brought up a point about us being dependent on the internet to help us remember our passwords and usernames. It made me realise that we are dependent on the Internet in many subtle ways that we may not even realise. Perhaps all of us may really be a digital “resident” in many ways than the other.

I really like this module, it has such a different way of educating us!!! I feel like this is ten times more productive and effective than most modules I have taken in my education life hahah but I think the best part is how it allows us to express ourselves differently, and it gave me the opportunity to see how great my peers are as writers. Some things I definitely learnt while reading and wish to apply to my future posts are how my peers made their content more interesting. The simple use of a poll by Maureen made her content more interactive, and the use of bolding by Norman helped me focus on points he was trying to put across which I might otherwise have just skimmed past. Many also used the help of videos and images to enhance the readability of their posts.

Just the first post and I am already having fun! Looking forward to creating more content for this module~

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|Topic 1|“Digital Visitors” and “Digital Residents” #MANG2049

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Sitting behind my laptop right now trying to decide if I am a digital visitor or resident myself while attempting to make sense of what I have read up about this topic.

Just to start myself(and you) on the right path, I need to emphasise that we should not view “visitors” and “residents” as separate entities but a continuum(David S. White, Alison Le Cornu)(in other words, a continuous series where no part is perceptibly different from the other) instead. I will explain more after defining these terms!


Digital “visitors” are people who visit the web with a specific purpose like finding the nearest clinic or the cheapest food in town and leave after getting what they want. These people have no interests in a prolonged stay or engagement in any online social interaction.

Conversely, digital “residents” visit the web with the intention of engaging with others, possibly through mediums like Facebook, YouTube, or online forums like Quora(David White). They treat the web as a social space and it often takes up a huge part of their lives.

I would love to give specific examples of “visitors” and “residents”, but like I mentioned earlier, I believe that there is no clear distinction between these two Internet users. In fact, it would be rather myopic to simply dictate someone as a ‘visitor’ or ‘resident’. Preferably I would like to make the comparison based on the degree of web usage that each person uses, and conclude if they are more of a “visitor” or “resident” than giving a definite answer.

I say so because the purpose that people use the internet for is ever-changing. Before this module started, I daresay I hardly had much social interaction on the internet (unless of course you include internet-based messaging like WhatsApp). I was highly inactive on my social media accounts, I never joined any community or forums, and only had a few online diaries that I frankly do not update often either.

Things are different now with the commencement of this very course, because right now I am about to be a daily blogger and user of Twitter, and I will definitely be engaging a lot more with my lecturers and classmates online.

So does this convert me from a digital “visitor” to a “resident”? Do I revert back to being a “visitor” after this module ends?

“Visitor” or “Resident”, I do not think I will ever come to a decision.

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