Hi I’m Teresa Yeap and am currently residing in sunny Singapore. I spend one-fifth of my life pursuing my Marketing undergraduate studies at the Singapore Institute of Management Global Education (SIMGE) – University of Southampton, two-fifth sleeping, and the rest of the time figuring life out. Trying my best to make life as fun as I’d like – it’s now or never!!!

My interests are ever-changing, you’ll probably catch me caught up in something different each time. I am currently making attempts to learn the Korean language , twisting my body in yoga and playing with Adobe programs for visual designing. Who knows, I might be flipping pancakes or making robots the next time you see me.

Also, I am 153cm tall wakakaka.

大家好我是叶欣平,现在居住在阳光明媚的新加坡。我五分之一的时间是花在新加坡管理学院-英国南安普顿大学修读营销课程,五分之二的时间睡觉, 而其余的时间就在调理自己的人生。我正在尽力的过一个有趣又充实的生活 -机不可失,时不再来!!!

我的喜好不时都在变,每一次看到我时,一定又是在做不一样的东西。 目前我在尝试学习韩文,做一点简单的瑜伽和玩一些视觉设计的应用程式。谁知道,下一次看到我时我可能在翻煎饼或在制作机器人。


Teresa Yeap | sptyeap001@mymail.sim.edu.sg | @teresauos | Living and Working on the Web (Singapore) #MANG2049

Background Photo Credit: http://www.artnau.com/2014/03/hsiao-ron-cheng/