|Topic 5| Reflection #MANG2049

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While the focus of my post was on a business aspect, many of my peers focused on open access on information and research based content. The infographic below is a brief summary of what I have learnt from them.


Information from Hazel, Xin Lin, Yong You, Zoey, Maureen and Issac, Infographic created by me using Piktochart.

Wanni deduced and I agree that the question behind the accessibility of your content should be ‘what do you want from it’.


Image by Wanni

I was also triggered to look at this from the point of view for when paywalls ARE implemented, since 90% of online content could be held behind a paywall in the near future(Lepitak, 2013). What would the effects be on content writers when agencies like newspaper publishers start to charge their readers? Even though the writers may be paid by the agency, the loss in readership may leave negative impacts on them.

The possible implementation of paywalls also got my peers like Lelia and I worried for OUR access to online contents. Upon further research, I found that apart from a one-size-fits-all paywall, another approach would be a membership-based paywall that offers exclusive content to readers who are willing to pay. I found that this was a good compromise and alternative that benefits both the readers and the content producers.

As an avid Internet user, I find myself always questioning why do people offer their content free online. This topic gave me a better understanding of the rationale behind it. As a receiver of open access, I am extremely thankful for it for allowing me to produce my academic reports or even produce this very blog entry. Having said that, I personally am willing to pay for certain digital content like newspapers because I know it is extremely hard to come up with quality content. Kudos to all the content producers who allow freely accessible content to students like us!

Word Count: 300 words (without citations)


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Stephen Lepitak, 2013, 90% of online content to be held behind paywalls in three years media company survey suggests, http://www.thedrum.com/news/2013/04/12/90-online-content-be-held-behind-paywalls-three-years-media-company-survey-suggests


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