|Topic 3| Reflection #MANG2049

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It is time I stop giving myself excuses and start working on shaping up my own online professional profile. My readings on articles and my classmates’ blogs have simply emphasized the importance of it.

Xin Lin gave a very comprehensive and interesting framework on how to create an online professional profile that I thought was extremely useful for self-branding. It did concern me if a single person is capable of doing so much, but I really liked how she gave clear steps that targeted every corner of building an online portfolio, something that I was lacking in as the suggestions I gave were more general.

Hui Juan raised a point about being authentic and how it is mutual that both you and your employer are looking for credibility in your self-portrayal. She reminded me that it is important not to over embellish your qualities in order to suit the company for it will not work out for both parties in the long run.

Also, Dawn and Julaina(video) talked about how your online profile is not just a representation of you, but of the company you work for. Most of my insights ended with getting hired, but they reminded me that your hard work in managing your online profile does not stop there. It is a consistent and continuous process.

Last but not least, Wan Sia brought up that the way in which you display your biography is extremely important as recruiters often suffer from information fatigue. To stand out from millions of others out there, you have to make use of creative ways to capture their attention and express your qualities in the quickest way possible.

I really did learn a lot of valuable tips through this topic!! Time for me to put them to good use 🙂

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