|Topic 3| Search Me? #MANG2049

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Here comes the time the Millennials enter the workforce, bringing along with us the culture of digitalisation. The rigid structure of talent management (recruiting, training, managing, retaining and evaluating) is slowly evolving to a dynamic environment that involves greater interaction and creativity (Dan Tapscott, 2014). As mentioned in Topic 2, employers are increasingly utilising social media in the hiring process. Furthermore, a survey in 2014 revealed that 73% of companies plan to increase their investment in social recruiting.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 5.03.21 PM.pngThe infographic reveals the social media channels that recruiters use for recruiting. (Jobvite, 2014)

Though necessary, an authentic digital professional profile is not something that many are equipped to manage. For example. 70% of Singapore’s labor force and students now have LinkedIn accounts(Catherine Shu, 2013) and it is a platform that is widely used for recruitment in Singapore( Jeff Rajeck, 2016). However, Singaporean blogger Jeraldine raised that many youths are not using their LinkedIn accounts to full potential as many are created simply because their school required them to. In the infographic below, I have highlighted why LinkedIn is not working out for many Singaporeans and how we can tackle that.

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(Information from here)

You have got half of your work done securing a good LinkedIn profile. I say so because your LinkedIn profile is what people should be linked back to even as they access the other aspects of your digital profile like your Facebook, Twitter or blog. This too helps to rank your profile highly in Google for your name.

Talking about blogging, it is a great way to develop your online profile. Starting this academic blog has opened my eyes to how it can connect people and reveal the blogger’s qualities. I am able to identify which peers have a flair in writing, graphic design, or simply how they carry themselves professionally. This is a great way for employers to identify someone that shares similar values.

Of course, any talk about developing your digital profile will be useless if you have a muddy digital footprint. A part of developing a good digital portfolio is to clean up any unwanted information that is potentially damaging to your reputation. What you can do is to research yourself online, access your digital reputation, fix whatever is necessary, and practice mindfulness in your online activities. (Norton Team, 2015)

Below is a summary of what you can do to create a great digital professional profile.

SUMMARY.jpgAre you ready to be searched now?


Word Count: 405 Words


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10 thoughts on “|Topic 3| Search Me? #MANG2049”

  1. Hi Teresa,
    First of all, I would really like to commend you on the infographics that you have created in this blog post! It makes reading so much clearer, and easier! Appreciate the extra effort that you put in to summarize a heavy amount of content for your readers!

    A question that I’m curious about is what about the baby boomers or even the Gen X? Will they be losing out to the Millennials? They are probably not as experienced when it comes to social media compared to the Gen Y & Millennials! If so, what do you think the Baby Boomers & Gen X can do in order to compete with the Millennials?

    Do you feel that people normally use LinkedIn for professional networking and LinkedIn can seem unauthentic to employers as much of it is appealing to what employers want? Hope to hear from you about this! 🙂


    1. Hi Zoey!
      Thank you for your compliment and comment 🙂 Hmm that is an interesting question. I did not actually think about the other generations other than the Millennials when I was doing up this post as I was focussed on the current and upcoming working population. I agree, using social media and online digital portfolios may not be as popular among the Gen X and Baby Boomers. I do think that if they wish to pursue a career in the current world, then they have to keep up with the times and learn to create one for themselves as well. There are plenty of course out there that aims to teach people on how to create or upgrade their own portfolio! With this being a highly competitive job market, it is definitely a must to learn to at least get in tough with the digital world today. Of course, it also depends on the nature of the jobs for some skill based jobs like nursing or carpentry counts on experience instead of having a superb online profile.

      With regards to LinkedIn, I feel that this is where the other aspects of your digital profile like your twitter or blogs come into play! Also, I view LinkedIn as a ‘passport’ where you gain first entry to a potential employer’s radar. Ultimately, real life interaction will be the best measure of one’s authenticity.

      Thank you for your comment Zoey! 🙂


  2. Hi Teresa,

    First of all, I must say your graphics really catches my eyes at first glance and it really helps in summarizing all the main points out for easier readings!

    Like what you’ve mentioned, I do agree that ‘an authentic professional profile is not something that many are equipped to manage’. Like myself, I’d totally forgotten that I owned a LinkedIn account myself, and till now it’s still not updated because I haven’t been using it since the day I created for school purpose. Therefore, your post really brings my attention to the usage of LinkedIn. However, as much as many are using LinkedIn for recruitment, I believe in Singapore, many people around our age still did not utilize it and prefer to search through various job portals (Jobscentral,Jobsdb,Jobstreet etc.). What are your view on this? How do you think we can promote the benefit of using LinkedIn over these portals for better job search?


    1. Hi Wendy!
      Thank you for your comment 🙂 You brought up a good point! In fact I myself do not make use of LinkedIn but these job portals instead. I feel that this depends on the nature of the job that we are looking to apply. I make use of job portals because I have only been searching for part time or temporary jobs that I believe do not warrant a full LinkedIn account to apply. However, my sister, who has just graduated from University has a LinkedIn account that she uses to source for potential jobs. I believe that as we progress on to different stages of our education and working life, we will make the progression from only relying on resumes and job portals to creating professional LinkedIn accounts for ourselves. Of course, both the job portals and LinkedIn has their own benefits and ideally, one should make use of both platforms to reach out to as many potential employers as possible.

      Thank you for your comment and compliment!! 🙂


  3. Hi Teresa!! Love reading your blog and wow i must say, great work Teresa! The way you express your views with the use of visuals are amazing, especially the info-graphics. I too agree with the way how youth are using LinkedIn for the sake of using it only due to school work. Thanks for sharing the ways on improving your LinkedIn Profile. Also, on your views on how blogging has allow you to identify which peers have a flair in writing, and carrying themselves professionally, in my own opinion you are definitely one of them too!

    Anyway, in regards to how to create our digital profile with authenticity what are your views on them? Is there a way where being too real and authentic that it will affect your image?
    I chanced upon some articles of a Singapore Eatery being too “Real” with their words and feelings on Facebook and this created an uproar among netizens for its language and notoriety.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the great read Teresa! Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers 🙂


    1. Hi YY!
      Thank you for your comment 🙂 I had a really good time reading those articles you provided because I was not aware of that this incident happened. I must say, this is a case of extreme tactlessness instead of the eatery being too ‘real’ with their words. When we discuss about authenticity, I believe we are talking about honesty in describing our skill sets as well as genuineness in our views. However, being rude and tactless is another issue altogether. I believe that Western Co. could have dealt with that incident with more care. Being patient and polite does not mean that you have to give false answers and similarly, you do not have to be defensive or crude to be honest with your views. I definitely believe one can be authentic with their online identity without coming off as boorish!

      Thank you for your comment and compliments 🙂


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