|Topic 2| Reflection #MANG2049

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So I noticed that my classmates and I have taken rather different approaches for this question, some that I had missed exploring. While my focus was on how having multiple online identities may influence your professional and personal lives, others like Xin Hui, Adelene and Wan Sia brought up issues of cyber bullying, cyber crimes and identity theft as a result of having multiple online identities. I went to research further on the presence of cyber bullying in Singapore and was surprised to learn that Singapore has the second highest rate of cyber bullying among youths (Family & Life, 2014). This is definitely an area of concern.

One of the blog posts I especially liked was Hui Juan’s post. She had very smooth flow, great use of italics and paragraphing and most importantly, an extremely clear expression of her stance. She had me mentally nodding along to everything she said! It got me thinking how having multiple online identities is perfectly normal because we already possess different identities among different people in real life, what more on the web where we are able to clearly separate our interests.

Julaina’s post reminded me not to be too focused on distinguishing identities between professional and personal lives. Her comparison between a Youtuber and herself on how one has a need for a single, coherent identity and the other, multiple identities, explained how the needs and benefits of a single or multiple identities differ among internet users. Renee, who brought up how people may create new identities in order to seek advice or discussion on issues that are considered a taboo, further encourages the idea of situational benefits.

I must definitely learn to have a more open mind and look at real-world examples instead of being fully dependent on theoretical ideas to broaden my perspective!

Word Count: 300


Blogs I have commented on:

Hui Juan



Family & Life, March 2014, Singapore is the Second Highest Nation of Cyberbullies, http://familyandlife.sg/Nurture/2014/03/Singapore_Second_Highest_Nation_Cyberbullies


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